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Who We Are

Zhuhai Ziyan UAS is a leading provider of aerospace robotics solutions with independent R&D and production capabilities for small and medium-sized electric unmanned helicopters. We focus on the development of industrial-grade products to meet the stringent requirements of professional customers for all-weather mission payload aerospace robots.

What We Do

Our company primarily focuses on the research, development, and manufacturing of small, light, and micro unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) products. We also offer integrated solutions that include payload integration and scenario application training, tailored to meet the specific requirements of their customers.

Our Values

Ziyan employs independent research and development of air-ground-sea intelligent collaborative integration technology, dynamic base technology, and distributed swarm technology as the hardware platform technology foundation in scenario based solutions. We integrate edge computing AI platform hardware and software equipment with SAAS platform software systems to address the most critical concerns of users: aerial IoT, informed decision-making and intelligent data application.

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Our Journey


In January, received the "Specialized, New and Innovative" Small and Medium-sized Enterprise award from Guangdong Province

In February, named one of the top 100 innovative and growing companies in Zhuhai


On November 23, Ziyan was recognized as an innovative small and medium-sized enterprise by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology


Selected as a unicorn seed enterprise in Zhuhai

Debut of Falcon-10 unmanned helicopter at the Zhuhai Airshow


Frontline response team in Hubei for straight 44 days during the pandemic

Collaborated with South Korean group to release world's first 5G hydrogen-powered unmanned helicopter, Ranger H1

Became the third cooperative partner with the South China Sea Laboratory


Defense-oriented Blowfish A3 debuts at the Russia Airshow

Blowfish A1 and A2 participate in the "Central-2019" China-Russia joint military exercises

CCTV7's "Military Close-up" reports on Ziyan's combat system


Parus S1 sets a world record of 7,000 meters in altitude, earning high praise from military personnel and expert recognition

Introduction of Blowfish A2 at the Zhuhai Airshow


ZY-800 model product passes testing by the Public Security Bureau

Successful research and development of small-sized tethered unmanned helicopters

Debut of small-sized Parus S1 unmanned helicopter at the Zhuhai Airshow


Stable test flight of Ziyan's first-generation oil-powered product, ZY-50

Ziyan New Technology formally integrated into Ziyan Unmanned Aircraft Co., Ltd.

Introduction of the first-generation electric unmanned aircrafts: Blowfish A1, Ranger P1, Infiltrator M1 at the Zhuhai Airshow


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