High Mobility and Portability

Falcon 10

  • Potable
    Single Operator
  • Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance
    LiDAR Detection.
  • Level 7
    Wind Resistance
  • 5500m
    Service Ceiling
  • -20℃-55℃
    Operating Temperature
  • Mobile Base
    Mobile Take-off and Landing
  • 130KM/H
    Maximum Flight Speed
  • Diverse Payloads
    Supports Various Mission Payloads

High Maneuverability 130 km/h

Fast and efficient. Unique variable-pitch advantages, robust and stable flight performance, makes it capable of operating in harsh environments.

Tri-sensor Camera

Integrated high-resolution 30x optical zoom sensor, infrared sensor, and high-precision ranging sensor, making inspection task areas clear and presented in high clarity.

Revolutionary FPV

Innovative use of FPV (First-Person View) technology provides an immersive flying experience. Simple and user-friendly operation ensures flight safety.

Portable and Lightweight

The foldable airframe design significantly reduces space, making transportation and transitions convenient and effortless whether by car or on foot. A single operator can utilize the entire system.

Diverse Payloads

It has a large open body design and payload bay with quick-release mounts which makes it capable of creating solutions for various industries.

Technical Parameters

  • Structural Parameters
    Length 1655mm Width 565mm Height 580mm
  • Maximum Payload
  • Wind Resistance
    Level 7
  • Service Ceiling
  • Maximum Endurance
  • Maximum Flight Distance

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