Suitable for rescue response, emergency response, beach and coast patrols, epidemic prevention
and control, traffic stabilization, situation control, and other scenarios.
Megaphone is suitable for various applications including rescue response, emergen

Advantages and Features

Ziyan megaphone features a quick-release and portable design, allowing for rapid installation and removal from the aircraft. It can be controlled through an App to provide real-time announcements, upload recordings and play audio recordings, play background music, and convert text to speech. It can broadcast over a wide-area, ensuring clear and real-time audio transmissions, including the playback of recorded audio
  • Easily attach and detach

    Easy Installation and Removal, Simple Operation

    Utilizes a quick-release design, allowing installation and removal within 3 seconds
  • Multi-functional

    Rich in Features, Flexible in Use

    It offers a wide range of functions such as real-time broadcasting, upload recordings, playback audio files, background music, and text-to-speech through the app
  • Real-Time Audio Transmission

    Empowering the Smart Transformation of Public Security Management

    Utilizing an unmanned aircraft equipped with a megaphone payload allows for extensive aerial broadcasting. It provides clear, real-time audio transmission and playback of recorded audio

Data Results

In the face of sudden events, response times are often constrained by factors like traffic and crowds, making on-site timely arrival challenging. Using an unmanned aircraft equipped with a megaphone to broadcast warning messages over a large area can help guide the public, reduce risks and safety hazards promptly
Emergency Response
Coastal and Beach Patrol
Traffic Control and Management

Supported Models

Megaphone is designed specifically for unmanned aircrafts from Ziyan and it can be used with Ziyan's Falcon-10 and Blowfish A2G
  • No Battery Swaps, Longer Operations

    Ranger P2X – Long Endurance Unmanned Helicopter

  • High Mobility and Portability

    Falcon-10 - Emergency Reconnaissance Unmanned Helicopter

Technical Specifications

Parameters Dimensions 140*140*125mm
Weight 0.55kg
Maximum Sound Intensity 130dB
Effective Broadcasting Distance 500m
Pan Angle 80°*50°
Broadcast Mode 4G - Real-time broadcasting, recording uploads, audio file playback, background music, text-to-speech Data Link: Text-to-speech
Audio Formats mp3/wav/m4a/flac/aac

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