Police Light

It serves as an effective warning signal in areas with safety
hazards or dangers, helping to alert and reduce the
occurrence of accidents.

Advantages and Features

The Zhiyan police light adopts a quick-detach and portable design, allowing for easy installation and removal on the UAV within a short time. Its flashing warning light consists of high-visibility red and blue LED lights, which effectively warn and draw attention to areas with safety hazards or dangers, thus helping to prevent and reduce accidents.
  • Easy Installation and Removal

    Easy Installation and Removal, Simple Operation

    Quick-detach and portable design enable fast installation and removal on the UAV.
  • Rechargeable

    Rechargeable for Long-Term Use

    Thepolice light is rechargeable, simply plug it into a power source for charging.
  • Dual Mode

    Safe and Reliable, Efficient Warning

    Users can choose between a steady or flashing mode based on their needs, enhancing the warning effect significantly.

Data Results

In routine law enforcement tasks, especially in densely populated and complex areas, the warning light, when mounted on a UAV, can be used for patrol and warning, ensuring the safety of people's lives and property.
Daily Patrol
Night Warning
Emergency Search and Rescue

Supported Models

The police light is specifically designed for Zhiyan drones and is compatible with various Zhiyan drone models, including Falcon-10 and Blowfish A2G.
  • High Mobility and Portability

    Falcon-10 - Emergency Reconnaissance Unmanned Helicopter

  • Borderless Design, Large Payload Capacity

    Blowfish A2G - Multi-Purpose Unmanned Helicopter

Technical Parameters

Parameters Dimensions 165*40*50mm
Weight 0.2kg
Battery Life ≥10h
Charging Time about 6h
Light Colors Red, Blue
Modes Steady, Flashing
Power 40w

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